Hella Stichlmair


The journey for writing this travel guide started in 2008 when she visited Mumbai for the first time.

Mumbai, meri jaan. Mumbai captured me from the moment I first set foot in it. I vividly remember arriving by train at Mumbai Central Station, stepping out into the chaotic, noisy streets and taking an exorbitantly priced taxi to the south of the city. Like so many other travellers, I stayed in Colaba. However, I did not leave after a couple of days – I stayed on, and began to explore this fascinating, multi-faceted place. The city always draws me back. On numerous occasions, I have returned to venture out and discover even more of its richly contrasting districts.

Hella Stichlmair is an actor, writer and enthusiastic traveler. Intrigued by their urban landscape and chaotic diversity she likes discovering huge megacities. 

Hella Maria Stichlmair